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If you spring clean your home on the inside, it makes sense to spring clean the outside too. Pressure washing can help maintain your home which helps it retain its value.

Pressure Washing Autumn Leaves from Gutters

Pressure washing right before spring is a good opportunity to clear out any remnants of fall. Dried up and decomposing leaves can get stuck in gutters or promote infestation from insects. A simple attachment will allow you to clean those packed down leaves from your gutters without having to use a ladder. You don’t want to compromise the durability of your home’s roof with clogged gutters. Water needs to be able to drain off the roof properly to keep damage at bay.

Pressure Washing your Deck and Patio

With warmer temperatures comes more time spent outside. You can clear out the chilly seasons’ built up dust, dirt, mud and other debris by giving your deck or patio a good pressure washing. This is especially important in maintaining a deck made of real wood. Once the wood is properly cleaned, it will be a perfect time to apply another coat of protectant or stain. Allowing the wood to deteriorate may invite termites, not to mention it will mean you will have to replace your deck much sooner due to poor maintenance.

” Pressure washing can help maintain your home which helps it retain its value. “

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture, Toys and other Equipment

A blast of water from a pressure washer can easily clear out pesky spider webs and insects that may have taken up residence in your favorite lawn chair. This is especially helpful for wicker and faux wicker pieces that have many crevices for critters to hide in and are very difficult to clean. You can give your patio umbrella, grill, children’s toys and any other items a very thorough cleaning without using much elbow grease.

One of the benefits of our pressure washing service is that we provide hot pressure washing. This is a great way to get a thorough cleaning without the use of any additional chemicals. It’s also more effective against mold and mildew. If you’d like more information on hot pressure washing, visit our website. We can help you give your home’s exterior a good spring cleaning.

Areas Around Your Home that Benefit from Pressure Washing

We all know that certain areas around the interior of your home get dirtier than others and need some extra attention. The same can be said for the exterior of your home as well. Keep reading to discover some areas which can benefit from a pressure washing service to keep them sparkling and clean.

Grills & Outdoor Furniture

Whether you’ve just had a recent cook out in the summer or you and your loved ones enjoy sitting on lawn chairs to chat, grills and outdoor furniture can become very dirty, very quickly. While you may take the time to clean your grill after each use, it suffers the same dirt and grime build up as everything else due to outside elements. Your outdoor furniture is no different in this area and let’s be honest: no one likes sitting on dirty furniture, so why would you not invest in a pressure washing service to clean it?

Before and after pressure washing fencing.
Before and after pressure washing fencing.


Most homes have a fence enclosing the property to guarantee some level of privacy when you’re enjoying your backyard. A filthy fence could contribute to your home’s curb appeal, which is why pressure washing the exterior of your house could be a good place to start. Not only will you raise the curb appeal, but you’ll also be sure to keep your fence from breaking down quicker through the removal of grime and mildew buildup.

Vinyl or Brick Home Exteriors

Speaking of curb appeal, certain home exteriors greatly benefit from a pressure washing service. It’s important to note that not every home exterior is safe to pressure wash. However, if you own a home with vinyl or brick siding, pressure washing will not only improve the appearance of your house but also keep mildew and mold from breaking down the structure of your residence.

Wood Decks

If you own a home with a wood deck, take the time to invest in a pressure washing service for it regularly. Not only will a cleaned deck or patio keep your home looking nice, it will also keep your family and friends safe when outside. For instance, if it rains while your deck is dirty and covered with mildew, it turns your simple wooden deck into an unsanctioned Slip N’ Slide.

*Note: This also applies to walkways, stairs, and patios made from tile or concrete. “All for one, and one for all” should be the motto of pressure washing your home’s access points.

Before and after pressure washing driveways.
Before and after pressure washing driveways.

Driveways & Garage Floors

Curb appeal seems to be a popular reason for pressure washing any exterior surface of your home. Driveways and garage floors are no exception to this, especially due to their frequent use and the amount of traffic they face. Be sure to periodically pressure wash your driveway and garage floors to keep your house looking fresh and clean for any visitors that come a ’calling.

Conclusion From fences and decks to grills and garage floors, pressure washing the exterior of your home should always be seen as a benefit. If you’re ready to improve the curb appeal of your home through a thorough and deep cleaning, call on the team at Hydra Pressure Washing LLC. We have over 20 years of experience helping the people in our community maintain a stunning looking home exterior. Call us to set up an appointment today!

Turn Your Patio into an Oasis

Do you find yourself flipping through the pages of lifestyle and home décor magazines, only to grow green with envy over the lavish styles and designs of the featured patios and yards? It can be tough to glance from those pages over to your yard, only to see the polar opposite of what you desire. There is no need to start shopping around for a new home! With a few changes to your outdoor living space, the oasis you have been dreaming of can come true!

Clean It Up!

The inside of your home isn’t the only place where cleaning needs to take place. A clean yard is a spacious, inviting yard, so make it a priority to clean it up! You can start by pulling any weeds growing in patio cracks and in the grass itself, doing basic yard maintenance such as mowing and hedging, and putting items out of sight to create a more open space. Nowadays, storage sheds are available in spacious modern styles, so looking into one as an option can provide an all-in-one storage solution for your backyard needs.

Furnish Your Space

Regardless of the style and vibe you are going for, there is a patio set to encompass the look you want! Investing in quality furniture and dining pieces, whether they are rustic or modern, will make you and your guests feel like they are on their own private getaway. Love to cook and entertain? A great outdoor grill and bar space will make your yard the go-to spot for family and friends to gather.

Landscape to Add Interest

Landscaping adds visible interest to any yard

Adding a pop of color with plants and shrubbery will instantly bring your yard to life! Simple touches of rock bedding and cobblestone walkways have become increasingly popular options to help one enhance the look and feel of one’s patio space. Want to enhance what you already have? Repairing damages and pressure washing your patio can make it seem brand new again. There is no need to worry if you don’t own a pressure washer of your own. Let one of our professional team members clean your patio today!

Light Up the Night

Make a backyard gathering memorable with lights

Simple light fixtures can really help enhance your yard when the sun goes down. Landscape flood lights, decorative table lights, and intricate string lights are great options to add interest and showcase your beautiful patio space. Do you have a pool? Installing underwater lighting can make your pool the main attraction even if it is too cold to take a dip! With various color and ambiance options, your pool can dance to the rhythm of the music you might be listening to or bring a serene end to the day.


Make your backyard the place to be!

Just because your home isn’t featured in a luxury lifestyle magazine doesn’t mean it can’t have the potential to be! Like the popular saying goes, “Home is not a place…it’s a feeling”. When you feel at home, you are home, so make your own kind of luxury and remember to maintain its beauty by keeping it clean. When you need a good cleaning, make sure to call on the team at Hydra Pressure Washing LLC!

Pressure Washing Safety 101

Pressure washing is a wonderful craft useful for clearing away all kinds of grime and filth. But with great power comes great responsibility; whenever we are in the vicinity of powerful jets of water, we should take care to protect both others as well as ourselves. See below to learn more about the various precautions you should take.

Projecting your voice

Sometimes the pressure washing technician may leave something to be desired, if he or she is not privy to a special vulnerability of your garden, patio, fence, or house. For example, if there’s a hairline crack in the window that compromises the structural integrity of the window surface, blasting such a window with the intensity of a regular pressure wash could be dangerous. Although it would be ideal to have discussed everything prior to the wash, sometimes alerting the person in the moment is the only way to protect such vulnerable spots. (Of course, don’t do this from behind the window.) Lifting up your voice enough so that the person can hear you goes a long way to protecting everyone involved.

A pressure washing technician cleans a pathway.

Protective Gear

It’s often best to stay behind closed doors and closed windows if you want to watch pressure washing happen. But sometimes you might want to warn your neighbors who are obliviously wandering around the pressure washing scene; for such instances, it’s essential to put on the appropriate attire prior to coming close to the splash zone. To protect your hearing, put on earmuffs. For shielding your precious digits, wear work gloves and close-toed shoes. And last but not least, goggles are crucial for guarding your eyesight.

A man wearing earmuffs, gloves, and safety goggles.

Taking Cover

The importance of staying indoors was already mentioned, but in particular situations, it’s not only crucial, but necessary. If a pressure wash happening is for helping the dust at a construction site settle down, staying near the pressure wash site can mean breathing in many toxic chemicals. Getting to watch the epic wash go down is not worth it, if you’re not equipped with a proper dust mask. For non-construction settings, dust may not be the issue, but rather spores, which can sometimes be even more dangerous. Of course, make sure that your toddlers and pets are by your side.

A dog looks at a jet of water.


Even though there are only three main caveats covered in this blogpost, there are other safety hazards at a pressure wash site. It’s important to keep our eyes open and look out for each other. Whether the pressure wash consists of heavy-duty cleaning or light-duty cleaning, let us be careful and stay vigilant. For more pressure washing tips, simply contact Hydra Pressure Washing LLC today!

The Wonderful History of Steam Jenny

High-pressure washers have made life easier for millions of people who want to beautify their property. With a pressure washer, you can thoroughly blast away grime from hard to wash areas like driveways, decks, even the exterior of a house can be prettified with this powerful technology. The following is a brief history of the invention of the power washer.

Oil on the Floor

In 1926, Frank W. Ofeldt II created the first steam pressure washer in the United States. He invented it while he was working at a Pennsylvania-based company which produced gas-fired water heaters and boilers. While hanging out in his garage designing his portable whiskey, Ofeldt noticed that when his design’s steam outlet was directed downward, wet steam would hit his dirty garage floor and clean the grease off. Because of this, he decided to start his journey to make a cleaning device.

The Steam Jenny

His journey began with his search for a pump casting, which is a process where pump parts are designed and cast by different metals or metal alloys. Ofeldt eventually found Homestead Valve Company. Frederick E. Schuchman Sr. saw the potential of Ofeldt’s apparatus, and he took an interest in collaborating on the project. They soon started developing the product, naming it “Hypressure Vapor Spray Generator.” An advertising man by the name of Eltinge eventually caught wind of this invention and requested a meeting with Ofeldt and Schuchman. When Schuchman and Ofeldt told the marketer what the device did, he suggested the name “High-Pressure Jenny”. While Eltinge wasn’t hired as a permanent advertising partner, he was paid for his proposed name. To this day, pressure washers are still called “steam Jenny’s.”

Pump Technology

As the decades past, and pump innovations continued to take place, so did the design for pressure washers. Perhaps the most important advances in pressure washing came during the 1960s, when “Cat Pumps” established uniflow design piston pumps, which were far superior to previous pumps. Cat Pumps typically lasted 10 times longer than previous pumps and could reach pressures up to 1000 psi. In 1975, because of increased demand for higher pressures, Cat Pumps came out with the sleeved piston pump that had capabilities up to 3000 psi. This is still an industry standard for pressure washers to this day.

Ceramic pumps for pressure washing have continued to advance with not only higher pressures but better safety features as well.


Pressure washing has evolved from its humble beginnings in Frank Ofeldt’s garage to a worldwide, multi-billion dollar industry. Today, hundreds of thousands of people have careers thanks to the invention of the pressure washer.  If your driveway, porch, or house is in need of pressurized washing, call or visit the professionals at Hydra Pressure Washing today!

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