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Cement vs. Concrete vs Asphalt

Cement, concrete, and asphalt are all often used to describe the surfaces that makeup driveways, streets, and trails. While many believe that each of these terms can be used interchangeably, there’s actually major notable differences when comparing cement, concrete, and asphalt. Below we compare and contrast these elements and discuss how to best maintain each type of surface.

What is Cement?

Cement is a single ingredient that gets mixed into water and other materials in order to create concrete. Concrete is the grey final product that we see most often used for sidewalks, walkways, and even some buildings. Cement is a binding substance that’s poured and then left to harden and/ or bind other materials together.

What is Asphalt?

Asphalt is a form of concrete most often used to pave roads, parking lots, and airstrip runways. It’s a tar like mixture consisting of cement and aggregate, which is a grainy mixture of tough natural materials such as stones or sand.

How They’re Maintained

Proper concrete maintenance includes regular deep cleanings, crack repairs, and investing in a sealant. The best way to deep clean concrete is by power washing it with professional tools and detergents to best remove any built up grime and stains.

When it comes to best maintenance practices for asphalt surfaces, the highest priority should always be keeping the surface sealed and intact. A number of services may be required to accomplish this from patching, seal coating, crack sealing and cleaning. The best method for cleaning and restoring the appearance of asphalt is by power washing as well.

Final Thoughts

Nearly all residential and commercial properties are home to some types of concrete or asphalt that needs to be properly maintained for optimal longevity and appearance. With a professional power washing service your property can benefit from the removal of mold, mildew, dirt, graffiti, grease, and more from many exterior surfaces.

The experts at Hydra Pressure Washing LLC in Pasadena, MD have over two decades of experience using our unique and innovative approach to ensure the most thorough deep clean every time. Visit our website here or call us at (410) 360-7887 for more information.

Three Things You Should Know About Power Washing as a Home Owner

When it comes to property maintenance, power washing is a convenient way to clean. As a homeowner, you know that outdoor surfaces are going to get dirty. Therefore, with the right power washing equipment, you can easily clean the surfaces of your property such as the patio, windows, driveway, and more. If you are new to power washing, keep reading to learn more!

Don’t Compare Your Garden Hose to a Power Washer

Your standard garden hose does not have the same power to remove grime and dirt as a power washer. A power washer has 80 times the force of a garden hose, making it an ideal choice for exterior cleaning purposes.  With a combination of hot water and cleaning solution, a power washer can easily dislodge and remove mold, mildew, and more.

Don’t Power Wash Everything

It can be tempting to power wash everything that’s dirty. However, you want to focus on surfaces that can handle the pressure. These include areas like the driveway, patio, pool deck, and windows. You should avoid power washing any outdoor fabrics, wood furniture, and painted surfaces. The high-pressured water can cause damage to these items.

Don’t Wait to Wash

It’s important to maintain your property with a power washing service. This is not only to remove dirt and dust, but also harmful growths such as mold, mildew, and algae. Exposure to mold and mildew is unhealthy, so plan to power wash the entire property at least once a year. If you’re unsure about how often to wash, call your local power washing company for help.


Leave the power washing equipment to the professionals and contact Hydra Pressure Washing LLC. We serve the community of Pasadena, MD and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to your power washing needs, so call us at (410)-360-7887 to schedule a service today.

Safety Benefits of Power Washing

While the cosmetic benefits for investing in a power wash service are quite obvious, there are also many safety benefits to consider as well. Follow along below with this month’s blog as we discuss where and how power washing can be most beneficial for achieving improved safety.

Decrease Risk of Accidents

There are countless activities that can result in dangerously dirty floors. From auto repairs to dog washing, oils and residues left behind by various substances can lead to slips and falls. The presence of mild, mildew, or algae on floors or walkways can also pose as a tripping or slipping hazard. A quality power wash can help remove any potentially harmful substances that may have spilled or been present at one time that can increase the chances of an accident occurring if ignored.

Remove Harmful Pollutants

A quality power wash can help remove any potentially harmful substances that may have spilled or been present at one time. From gasoline to detergents, there are countless pollutants found in common substances that unfortunately can increase the likelihood that someone will breathe hazardous fumes or airborne contaminants.

Other major airborne contaminants to be weary of are black mold and other varieties of dangerous molds that are frequently found in damp, humid spaces.

Final Thoughts

If safety is a top priority for your or your business, consider how a pressure wash could help promote a safer work or living space. Save valuable time and trust the professional at Hydra Pressure Washing LLC for the leading power washing services in the Pasadena, MD community.

Most Asked Questions About Pressure Washing

If you are unfamiliar with the process of pressure washing, then you might have some questions. You may not know, but there are specific ways to pressure wash windows, concrete, and more. Obviously, you want your surface to be clean but not risk the possibility of it being damaged, which is why professionals are hired to do the job. Follow along in our blog as we discuss the most asked questions about pressure washing.

Will Pressure Washing Damage My Concrete?

Concrete is a commonly washed surface because of the need to be cleaned from dirt, debris, and other buildup. There is the chance that your concrete can be damaged, only if the pressure washer is held too close. The high-powered water can create etching on the concrete and is generally not repairable. However, with the correct settings and surface cleaner, you can get the results you want.

Will Pressure Washing Remove Mold?

The short answer is yes. Pressure washing can remove mold from surfaces such as roofing and concrete. This is possible with the combination of a water and bleach solution. With this mixture being distributed by the pressure washer, any mold or mildew can be effectively killed and prevent further growth from happening. With this process, your exterior surfaces can be thoroughly washed, as the solution permeates even the tiniest cracks and crevices.

How Long Will Pressure Washing Last?

It’s recommended to have a pressure washing service done every year. This is to keep up with regular maintenance with your property and ensure all surfaces are looking good. Some surfaces may need more cleaning than others, like your vinyl siding. If you’re unsure if your home needs a pressure washing, call a professional to check.

Which Company Should You Hire?

Hydra Pressure Washing LLC is a premier pressure washing company in Pasadena, MD that has been serving the community for over 20 years. Our cleaning specialists know exactly what your home needs to stay clean and keep your loved ones safe. Call us to schedule a professional service and watch your home transform with a pressure wash!

How to Properly Clean Your Home on Wheels

It isn’t always easy cleaning a space that reaches up to fourteen feet tall, forty feet long, or has a square footage ranging anywhere from a few feet to a few hundred feet. Read below as we break down to best way to clean the inside and outside of your RV or trailer.


Most standard RV’s are at least eight to ten feet tall, making it impossible to wash without a ladder or power washer. A power wash will easily remove caked-on grime and grease, and fast too! Once the RV has been thoroughly sprayed down from top to bottom it’s important to take extra care in cleaning the windows. Using a window sealant or protectant is recommended to help fight against unavoidable dirt and rain.


Whether your home on wheels is 13’ without a kitchen or bathroom or 30’ with all the bells and whistles, cleaning the inside will be more or less the same as cleaning a house or apartment. Most surfaces inside will be tolerant to standard cleaning products, wipes, and sprays.

The one area that differs is the bathroom, in particular the toilet. It’s important to only use chemicals and cleaning products designed for RV toilets and to not flush anything except products that specifically say you can or should.

Final Thoughts

Most campervans and trailers can take on a surprising amount of the dirt and dust encountered along the road. While cleaning the inside of your home on wheels is rather straightforward, cleaning the outside can be a time consuming nightmare without the proper tools.

When you don’t have the time or tools needed to clean the exterior of your RV or trailer, call on the team at Hydra Pressure Washing LLC for fast and affordable services every single time!

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