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Eat Away the Gum on the Floor

In Singapore, the law completely forbids chewing gum, with heavy fines of over $6,000 for possession or use without a prescription. The chewing gum ban was applied to eliminate complications produced by chewing-gum litter in public places resulting in many places paying high prices to clean up the waste.  In the United States of America, bubble gum is a nuisance for retail business owners trying to make a great first impression upon their customers’ arrival. A sanitary and gum-free storefront draws potential customers inside the store. However, thrown away gum makes businesses look dirty, unclean, and unkempt. It is also hard to remove. Therefore, it is best for business owners to hire a professional pressure washing company. Here’s why business owners should hire a professional to remove gum.

Save Time

            Eliminating chewing gum off the walking path wastes lots of time. When a business owner lacks the proper cleaning experience and equipment, they can spend many hours trying to scrape off the gum. Hiring a professional cleaning company saves business owners the time that they can use to focus on their work.

Save Money

            Business owners might believe that cleaning gum by themselves is the cheapest option. However, without having possession of the correct equipment, they will struggle will eradicating gum stains. Business owners can damage the concrete, which will result in spending more money to repair it. A professional pressure wash company knows how to do the job right the first time without damaging the floor. Business owners will save money in the long run.

Strongest Equipment

            Purchasing or renting equipment can be very costly and is not always the best equipment. Not having the right equipment can make cleaning gum difficult. A power wash contractor will have the most robust equipment and training to quickly and efficiently get the job done. Also, most pressure wash cleaners work all day, so business owners can have them clean gum late at night not to disturb any business operations.

Better for the Environment

            Most business owners will use harmful chemicals and toxins to get rid of gum. Chemical solutions don’t work as well and hurt the environment. The chemical waste flow into the water drains, poisoning plants, animals, and even people. A power wash company provides environmental-friendly solutions to remove gum.

Closing Thoughts

            Business owners will make an intelligent decision to hire a professional power wash company to eliminate gum stains around their business. They will be able to save money and time. Also, a cleaning company has the proper equipment, experience, and solutions that do not damage anything during the process. If you are a business owner seeking a power washing company, you can trust Hydra Pressure Washing LLC. We have been serving Pasadena, MD, since 1999 and keep your surroundings and loved ones safe. Contact us today!

Cleaning Commercial Kitchens

When it comes to cleaning a commercial kitchen, there are many components that need to be considered. From hood vents to countertops and hard surfaces, the kitchen space has different areas that are prone to the buildup of grime and other dirt particles. There may be hard to reach areas where deep cleaning is needed, like behind a refrigerator. In this month’s blog, we’re going to talk about some of the tips and solutions for cleaning a commercial kitchen.

Countertops and Hard Surfaces

In the kitchen, countertops and surfaces are used for food preparation throughout the day. With the amount of food and other particles that are dropped or smudged on the surface, countertops can be a source for bacteria. We recommend cleaning countertops a couple times a day with a disinfectant spray and soft cloth. Before spraying, remove bins and other items that may be in the way. Spritz 8-12 inches away and then wipe away the remaining disinfectant.

Commercial Appliances and Equipment

Kitchen appliances are also another main area that needs to be cleaned weekly. Businesses use large refrigerators, grills, and ovens to cook and keep food fresh. Since food is moved and set down on these surfaces during the week, the grime of all of these food particles can accumulate and gather together. Take our advice and wipe down appliances at least once a week. We’ve created a checklist here to follow:

  • Fryers – Clean out your fryer once or twice a week.
  • Ovens and ranges – Wipe down racks, walls and the door as part of your weekly oven maintenance.
  • Burners, flattops, and cooktops – Scrub down surfaces using a disinfectant spray or warm soapy water.
  • Grills – Brush off ash and grime off your grates after use. In some cases, you may have to soak them in warm, soapy water to break up grease. Also, empty out any drip trays or areas underneath your burner or grates.
  • Refrigeration units – To prevent sludge buildup, regularly empty and clean the drain pans and tubs.

Floors, Walls, and Ceilings

After a lunch or dinner rush, food and particles may have flown onto the floor or the walls of the kitchen. We suggest cleaning from top to bottom, starting with the ceilings. Here are some tips to make your area spotless:

Ceilings: Grab a stool or ladder and place under the space you would like to clean. Grab a disinfectant and scrub brush so the bristles can easily remove the grime. Wipe away remaining particles with a cloth.

Walls: Move appliances and other equipment away from the walls so you can reach your desired space. We recommend deep cleaning the kitchen walls on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Clean food splatters with the appropriate degreaser or cleaning solution to scrub off the buildup.

Floors: Clean your floors daily. Start by removing mats and other floor coverings. Use a broom to sweep away dirt and particles. Next, mop the floor with warm/hot water and combine with a cleaning solution of your choice. Let the floor dry before placing mats back on the ground.


Commercial kitchen cleaning requires businesses to keep appliances, floors, and other areas up to standard. Making sure you have the right cleaning equipment and supplies can be helpful when it comes to cleaning up messes. Another helpful solution is to hire a professional cleaning service to get the job done right. Cleanliness is key, so take advantage of our commercial cleaning service for your business.