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Power Washing Your Apartment Complex

One of the most effective ways to clean your apartment complex is with a power washer. As an owner, you can maintain the outside of your building by hiring a pressure washing company to spray down hard to reach areas, including windows and high walls. “Pressure washing is one of the best ways of removing all these dust particles and dirt that has accumulated on the walls which is done with the use of jets of water that comes for cleaning every area of the surface”, says Perfect Pressure Cleaning. Learn more about the benefits of power washing your apartment complex in our blog!

Curb Appeal

Consider pressure washing as your method of cleaning to effectively get rid of dirt and dust. The water from high-powered jets gets into the smallest crack and crevices to remove any buildup you can see (and maybe can’t see). With a combination of cleaning agents and water, you will see the instant change of your walls and windows to a brighter, polished surface. Residents and potential renters can appreciate the thorough cleaning, giving your apartment complex the curb appeal it needs!

Lower Maintenance Costs

If you decide to spend money on a cleaning service, how can this lower costs? Well when mold and mildew are left on a surface, it can cause damage to your property. The cost of repairs can add up, taking away from your monthly budget. Instead, contact a pressure washing company for a regular cleaning. This service helps in cleaning the concrete surfaces and walkways to reduce the amount of grease and dirt that’s being tracked into your complex. Additionally, pressure washing prevents rot and disintegration.

Time Saver

Hand washing and spraying down your apartment building is a time consuming job. You have to deal with the equipment, the cost of supplies, and you may run into bigger problems like mold and mildew. Do not waste your time and hire a team to do the work for you. The desired results of a detailed cleaning can be achieved with professional equipment and tools, which is an eco-friendly method too!


If you need your apartment complex pressure washed, then contact Hydra Pressure Washing LLC. We have a full list of services to ensure your satisfaction with each and every service. For more information on the work we do, visit our website here. You can also book a service by calling (410) 360-7887 today!

The Differences Between Algae and Mold

It’s no secret that, without the proper care, your roof can be left susceptible to a number of harmful substances. And while, regardless of the contaminant, it’s imperative to have it removed for a healthy roof, knowing exactly what you’re dealing with can help you more quickly diagnose the issue and treat it effectively!

Keeping that in mind, algae and mold are two entirely different forms of roof contamination that require specialized treatment to remove. Not only will knowing how they differ help your power washing team more aptly provide a solution, it will also help prevent sickness and contamination of those living within your walls. If you find yourself interested in differentiating these different roof scourges, read on for a few key differences you can keep in mind when determining which alien substance has affected your home’s exterior.


Algae a commonly occurring moss-like substance that is especially prevalent in more humid climates. The green scourge is notorious for its ability to spread by way of air-borne spores and is noticeably more prevalent on shingles made of asphalt roofing materials. Fortunately for those who are worried their home has been sullied by this pesky plant, the good news is that algae doesn’t necessarily eat its way into your roof much like other contaminants would. This doesn’t change the fact, however, that the notorious black streaks and marks left by algae are an eyesore to any self-respecting homeowner.


Mold, on the other hand, is an entirely different beast altogether. While it’s not nearly as common as algae, if left untreated long enough, exposure to mold can quickly cause more than aesthetic harm in the form of health problems like asthma, lung infections, and even irritation of the eyes and nose.

One key factor that differentiates mold from algae is its tendency to break into the home and affect your interior. Mold is known for its ability to form in damp and poorly ventilated areas such as attics and basements before spreading to your roof, deck, and siding. If you notice black streaks inside of your home as opposed to strictly outside of it, odds are you’re dealing with mold and need a professional team to take a look fast!


As far as prevention is concerned, there’ isn’t much you can do aside from regularly cleaning your roof or maybe investing in zinc strips to inhibit the spread of contaminants. Unfortunately, if you live in an especially humid area, even zinc strips won’t do much to slow the spread of mold or algae. All hope is not lost however! By reaching out to an experienced and professional team of pressure washers, even the deepest ingrained contaminants can be targeted and eradicated! Always be sure to do your homework and research who you’re working with however. The wrong team could actually end up spreading the contaminants and making the problem worse!


When it comes to the health of your roof or your home in general, preventative care simply can’t be beat. Always keep an eye out for red flag signs of both algae and mold such as black stripes across your roof and know what to expect when reaching out for proper care. Not only will you be securing your health and the health of those living in your home, you’ll also be making a significant investment in your home’s curb appeal and property value!

Apartment Power Washing: The What, When, and Why

Apartments may share many qualities with a common residential home, but that doesn’t mean they’re just as easy to clean. With so many people living in such a concentrated area, finding a time that works with everyone for something as intensive as an exterior washing can be difficult to say the very least. The fact remains however, that even apartment buildings require regular exterior cleanings lest they be plagued with issues like mold and mildew.

That’s where the miraculous process of power washing comes into play! Fortunately, our team is quite the authority when it comes to power washing for both larger residences and apartments. Read on for a brief overview of what the process entails as well as some recommendations we have regarding how frequently the service should be sought out.

What Does the Process Entail?

Of course, knowing what goes into the power washing process could be of use, especially for those looking to give a valid reason to their tenants as to why they need to leave their apartments for a while. In short, power washing calls for the use of pressurized hot water to strip away contaminants from a property’s exterior such as mold or mud. Advising your tenants to stay clear of the process is recommended as the pressurized water can cause injury to those nearby if they aren’t careful.

Why Should You Power Wash?

The reasons why a power washing is necessary go well beyond simply the aesthetic. In addition to providing a clean exterior, a well done power washing can remove a myriad of harmful substances such as mold, mildew, and more. In fact, we even delved a little deeper into this topic in a previous post.

Unfortunately, power washings are especially necessary for apartment buildings because of their tendency to attract these risky contaminants. Because these complexes are typically composed of multiple buildings tightly packed together, they are made available to an excess amount of shade and exposure to the elements. This naturally lends itself to an increased amount of mold and mildew growth, an active risk to the health of those residing in these apartments.

How Often Should You Power Wash?

So now that you know just how important power washing is, naturally the next question to answer would be, how frequently is a power wash needed? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t of a one-size-fits-all variety. A number of variables can affect the recommended frequency for your property. As a general rule of thumb however, we can recommend that those who live in more damp climates or have a large amount of cover from trees or other buildings schedule multiple cleanings a year as they are more at risk for mold and mildew growth. Those who don’t necessarily have to worry about that however, can rest assured knowing a single washing a year should be more than enough to keep dirt, dust, and grime at bay!


If you manage an apartment building, you owe it to yourself and your guests to keep it properly protected against risky pollutants. Fortunately, keeping your property protected doesn’t have to be a hassle if you stay vigilant in scheduling regular power washings from a trusted team.