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The Benefits of Pressure Washing a Commercial Building

Professional Power Washing a Building

Commercial buildings are an investment, and one of the most important tasks a building owner has is ensuring that the building stays in pristine conditions. Whether your building is a restaurant business or an apartment complex, customers are your revenue and making sure that they get a good first impression of the exterior is important. Through hiring a professional pressure washing service you are ensuring that the building’s aesthetic is appealing, preventing repairs, and minimizing injuries. Read along as we dive into these benefits!  

Curb Appeal

A building is exposed to outside elements such as pollen, dirt, graffiti, and even birds. All of these things take a toll on the building’s exterior, and if not maintained can lead to an ugly view. Whether you are trying to bring more clientele into your restaurant, or are looking to lease the building, boosting the curb appeal can be beneficial. Everyone can appreciate a clean environment and a clean building.

Prevents Repairs

Elements such as algae and mold can be acidic and can damage the façade of your building if left unattended. A pressure washing service such as Hydra Pressure Washing LLC, can help remove outside growth on your building, which can lead to the prevention of repairs.

Increase Hygiene

As previously mentioned, more often than not, algae and mold may be growing on the sides of your building. This can cause substantial health risks, even more so for people with allergies. Because the building is exposed to so many outside elements, it can quickly collect unhealthy elements. Maintain a healthy building, free of pollutants by enlisting the help a pressure washing service.

Hydra Pressure Washing LLC offers professional and efficient pressure washing services that can help improve the exterior of your commercial building. We are a highly experienced team providing quality services to the community of Pasadena, MD. We are proud to offer biodegradable cleaners that are safe for the environment and highly efficient. From house pressure washing to buildings and decks, we do it all. Call on us for all of your pressure washing needs!

5 Excellent Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Roof

If you’re a homeowner, you want to do your best to protect and maintain your investment and your roof is the first line of defense against the elements. One way to keep your house looking its best is to work with a professional power washing team that will clean your home from the roof to the driveway. Our blog focuses on five of the big reasons why you should pressure wash your home’s roof.

Man pressure washing a roof.
Man pressure washing a roof.

Improve your roof’s longevity: To protect your investment and increase the longevity of your roof, choose power washing; this will not only clean it, but also help keep you from replacing your roof for many years to come.

Prevent infestations: Power washing your roof can prevent the growth of harmful mold and algae that may infest your home through the attic and interfere with your home’s air quality. Pressure washing also helps remove collections of leaves and other detritus that can attract insects and small rodents, which can then find their way into your home through damaged roof shingles.

Help with energy savings: Pressure washing your roof allows you to guarantee your energy costs will be down due to the needed ability of a roof reflecting the sun for a more efficient home.

Improve your home’s appeal: There’s something important but so simple in keeping your roof clean. Pressure washing not only improves the cleanliness of your home on the outside, but also improves your home’s curb appeal because it shows you care about your investment.

Understand your homeowners insurance:  As for insurance companies, they want to know that your home is being well cared for. When you pressure wash your roof, you can identify any hidden problems and fix them in order to properly care for your home. 

Professional pressure washing service.
Professional pressure washing service.


Pressure washing your roof has many benefits and these are only a few of them. It may be tempting to pressure wash your roof yourself to save time and money, but leave this job to the professionals. When it comes to making sure your roof can enjoy all of the benefits of pressure washing, Hydra Pressure Washing LLC is the best team to help you maintain your home’s curb appeal and safety with a pressure washing service.