If you spring clean your home on the inside, it makes sense to spring clean the outside too. Pressure washing can help maintain your home which helps it retain its value.

Pressure Washing Autumn Leaves from Gutters

Pressure washing right before spring is a good opportunity to clear out any remnants of fall. Dried up and decomposing leaves can get stuck in gutters or promote infestation from insects. A simple attachment will allow you to clean those packed down leaves from your gutters without having to use a ladder. You don’t want to compromise the durability of your home’s roof with clogged gutters. Water needs to be able to drain off the roof properly to keep damage at bay.

Pressure Washing your Deck and Patio

With warmer temperatures comes more time spent outside. You can clear out the chilly seasons’ built up dust, dirt, mud and other debris by giving your deck or patio a good pressure washing. This is especially important in maintaining a deck made of real wood. Once the wood is properly cleaned, it will be a perfect time to apply another coat of protectant or stain. Allowing the wood to deteriorate may invite termites, not to mention it will mean you will have to replace your deck much sooner due to poor maintenance.

” Pressure washing can help maintain your home which helps it retain its value. “

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture, Toys and other Equipment

A blast of water from a pressure washer can easily clear out pesky spider webs and insects that may have taken up residence in your favorite lawn chair. This is especially helpful for wicker and faux wicker pieces that have many crevices for critters to hide in and are very difficult to clean. You can give your patio umbrella, grill, children’s toys and any other items a very thorough cleaning without using much elbow grease.

One of the benefits of our pressure washing service is that we provide hot pressure washing. This is a great way to get a thorough cleaning without the use of any additional chemicals. It’s also more effective against mold and mildew. If you’d like more information on hot pressure washing, visit our website. We can help you give your home’s exterior a good spring cleaning.