It isn’t always easy cleaning a space that reaches up to fourteen feet tall, forty feet long, or has a square footage ranging anywhere from a few feet to a few hundred feet. Read below as we break down to best way to clean the inside and outside of your RV or trailer.


Most standard RV’s are at least eight to ten feet tall, making it impossible to wash without a ladder or power washer. A power wash will easily remove caked-on grime and grease, and fast too! Once the RV has been thoroughly sprayed down from top to bottom it’s important to take extra care in cleaning the windows. Using a window sealant or protectant is recommended to help fight against unavoidable dirt and rain.


Whether your home on wheels is 13’ without a kitchen or bathroom or 30’ with all the bells and whistles, cleaning the inside will be more or less the same as cleaning a house or apartment. Most surfaces inside will be tolerant to standard cleaning products, wipes, and sprays.

The one area that differs is the bathroom, in particular the toilet. It’s important to only use chemicals and cleaning products designed for RV toilets and to not flush anything except products that specifically say you can or should.

Final Thoughts

Most campervans and trailers can take on a surprising amount of the dirt and dust encountered along the road. While cleaning the inside of your home on wheels is rather straightforward, cleaning the outside can be a time consuming nightmare without the proper tools.

When you don’t have the time or tools needed to clean the exterior of your RV or trailer, call on the team at Hydra Pressure Washing LLC for fast and affordable services every single time!