So the time has finally arrived. We have passed the summer solstice and are now in the midst of warmer months. That means camping, trips to the beach, and soaking in those rays to give our skin that healthy glow we’ve been craving. But aside from making sure you wear plenty of sunscreen to protect your skin, there’s something else you should take great care in defending from the effects of a brighter sun – your home!

When you’re dealing with dark and damp areas, such as your basement or attic, this can become a haven to mold, one of the most dangerous types of contaminants. However, the best way to avoid the growth of mold spores is through proper air circulation!

Using Your Air Conditioner to Avoid Mold Growth

One of the best things you could do to avoid mold growth inside your home during these humid months is to keep the air conditioner on especially in an area that is typically dark. This type of closed environment is a perfect storm for mold spores to grow.

By simply having the air conditioner going for a bit, it will help to cool your home and remove any moisture while also circulating and filtering the air of any contaminants. As mold thrives when the humidity levels are at 70 degrees, you can set the thermostat on the air conditioner to the low 70s with the fan blowing to deal with this potential problem.

If you live in a particularly humid climate, you should at the very least keep any doors open between rooms (including closet doors), keep air ducts clean, and overall ensure all the areas of your home are properly ventilated. Also, open your windows during sunny days and move any furniture away from walls to improve the airflow in your home.


Of course, if you feel that the problem has become pronounced and you have been experiencing some of the side effects of mold (allergic responses, infections on those with impaired immune systems, other irritants), it is recommended that you get in touch with your primary physician to ensure there isn’t a health risk on you or your family.

You should also strongly consider hiring a professional to perform a home pressure washing service to treat the problem areas thoroughly. By taking the steps to properly ventilate your home, you won’t have to put up with the more dangerous risks associated with mold any longer!