The winter season can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. To some, it’s a time of bundling up and staying cozy, to others it’s a holiday filled season marked with cheer and festivities. As for mold, mildew, and even algae, winter is a time that promises speedy growth. This is due to the dampness that typically occurs during the colder seasons. Of course, you’re probably more than familiar with the health repercussions these substances can wreak. What matters now is understanding what you can do to keep mold and other harmful materials away from your home or apartment.

Read on for tips to keep in mind as the colder weather hits!

Wash Your Property’s Exterior

Power washing your home can save you money in the long runDiscolored or dirty exteriors are an all too common sight after winter hits. This is because of the aforementioned increase in the rate at which mold and mildew grow in colder, damper climates. Accumulated dirt also provides ideal conditions for the spreading of these materials. A home or apartment power washing helps mitigate these conditions by clearing your property of any debris that could lead to an outbreak. Also as an added bonus, eliminating the dirt from your exterior will save you a considerable amount of money in mold and mildew removal.

Wash Your Windows

Your windows provide you not only with stunning views but with sunlight responsible for heating your interior during the winter. Allowing dirt and grime Cleaning your windows can help the sunlight to better heat your home in winterto build up on these windows not only cuts your exposure to sunlight, it contributes to an increase in your heating bill! Furthermore, these materials, if unchecked for too long, will begin to corrode your windows’ porous surfaces. Cleaning now can save you some expensive window replacement costs in the future!

Improve Your Air Circulation

Proper air circulation will help eliminate any chance of a mold outbreakProper air circulation is integral for those looking to regulate temperature and eliminate any chance of a mold outbreak. This can be done by simply opening doors and windows in different rooms. This will create a cross flow that will noticeably improve the air circulation of your home. Others looking to go the extra mile can also invest in a couple of exhaust fans. Installing these in critical rooms like the kitchen or bathroom will draw in moisture and remove contaminants from the air.


Winter doesn’t have to mean freezing in your own home or watching as mold and contaminants spread within your sanctuary’s walls. Staying conscious of these 3 tips can spell the difference between a memorable winter and one you’ll want to forget.