Having a fence around your home is an important feature. Whether you have pets or children who tend to wander or you simply enjoy your privacy, a fence is key! While initially building your fence may be costly and time-consuming, with proper care you won’t have to worry about rebuilding often. Follow along with this month’s blog to learn about why a pressure wash is beneficial for your fence!


Over time, your fence will collect dirt and other particles that dull the appearance of the wood or paint. When a professional comes to pressure wash away the dirt and dust, your fence will seem to age backward! If you have a painted fence, a good pressure washing service can brighten up the look and seemingly wash away the signs of age. With a bright new appearance, you will be able to fight the urge to redo your fence.

Staining or Painting Plans

If you plan on staining or painting the wood of your fence, it’s important everything is cleaned off prior. In order for the paint or stain to properly stick and soak into the wood, you need a clean slate. A professional pressure washing service is the best way to ensure that all dirt and dust is gone from the wood. The last thing you want is for sneaky grime to be left behind and ruin the appearance of your fresh paint job.

Remove Algae 

Looks aside, most people simply want their fence to remain strong and intact. One of the best ways you can keep your fence fresh and strong is with occasional pressure washings done by a professional. After the wet, winter months, algae and mold can start to grow on the wood. Through time, they will begin to break down the paint and wood, which will put a strain on your fence. While it may not happen right away, slowly but surely the algae will destroy your fence and you’ll be left without boundaries and privacy while having to pay for a new fence. A simple pressure wash will remove all the pesky algae and molds that are determined to ruin your fence.


Pressure washing not only provides a lovely facelift for your fence, but it’s also what keeps everything intact for longer amounts of time. For a professional pressure wash that will keep your home and fence strong and bright, check out our website to get in contact with our team!